The city of Key West lies at the southernmost point of Florida and offers the purest wind in America during the months of March and April when a strong, fresh sea breeze migrates over the city from the ocean. The city has realised the value of its natural resource and has proposed an exclusive spa resort which will function during this wind hunting season to harness the experiential potential of the wind and attract a new tourist economy to the city. 

The Aeolian spa initiative has a dual function; to provide health tourists with a new experience of the healing wind and a city scale clean up funded by this tourism, to clean the city’s water and air to its purest form and provide new habitat for the migrating birds of the city who travel on the wind. 

In the six months following the pure wind, hurricane season is upon the city. At this time the Aeolian spa, usually used to enhance the wind, becomes a safe haven from it. With its walls closed down the spa is protected under the landscaped ground which forms its roof and blends the building into the newly landscaped nature reserve which blankets this marshland corner of the city.